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Protecting our environment

Energy usage, packaging and recycling

Our strategy is to promote environmental stewardship across our product value chain.

In 2016 we integrated robust environmental standards into our sourcing code of conduct to ensure the production of FatFace products does not have a negative impact on the environment. We also achieved a reduction in the use of energy across our business and in turn supporting a reduction in our CO2 footprint. We have expanded the number of our stores installed with Smart Meters to help us manage energy better across our estate. Our smart metered stores now accounts for 40% of our estate.

Textile recycling and packaging reduction is key to our approach to sustainability. All of our carrier bags, catalogues and ecommerce bags are sourced from certified sustainable sources. Throughout the year we have also identified a number of opportunities to reduce the impact that product packaging has upon the environment. We are working on these opportunities over the coming period.